The Problem
Facing new competition in their area, NFuze Wellness sought to differentiate itself as the premier destination for IV hydration and medical weight loss services. The existing website needed a complete overhaul, not only to to enhance usability and accessibility, but to project a more professional image and effectively communicate the wide range of services they offer.

The Solution
To address these challenges, I focused on creating a user-centered experience that would position NFuze Wellness as the go-to choice for IV hydration. Through user research, iterative design, and usability testing, I crafted a design that addressed the competitive challenge, while elevating the overall user experience.

The Outcome
NFuze Wellness now boasts a revamped website that reflects their professionalism and positions them as a leader in IV hydration services. The redesigned site effectively communicates their range of services and makes it easier than ever to get the information you need to book an appointment, ensuring a positive user experience that sets NFuze Wellness apart in an increasingly competitive market.

My Role
UX Researcher, UX/UI Designer

I divided my process into three phases: Discovery, Design, and Delivery. My goal for the Discovery phase was to understand the wants and needs of NFuze Wellness and their customers, while the Design phase focused on how I could meet those needs with an elegant and unified solution. The Delivery phase simply involved my collaboration with the development team for a smooth handoff of all design assets, ensuring the website could be built without issue.
1. Discovery
I began by meeting with NFuze Wellness to understand their business needs, researching their target audience to uncover user needs and develop a user persona, conducting a heuristic analysis of their current website, and analyzing their competitors to identify areas where NFuze could differentiate themselves.
1.1 Understand Business Needs
I met with NFuze Wellness to learn about their business needs and understand their goals for this project. From our conversation, it was clear that they aimed to solidify their position as the go-to destination for IV Hydration and medical weight loss services in southern Illinois. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of having a visually appealing and user-friendly website that would enhance their online presence.

Here are the three key business goals I identified:

1. Project luxury and professionalism
2. Differentiate from competitors
3. Showcase their product suite
1.2 Understand User Needs
A demographic analysis revealed a diverse audience interested in health and wellness, with a focus on IV hydration services. I developed a detailed user persona to uncover key needs such as easy appointment scheduling, clear information about services, and a seamless navigation experience.
1.3 Heuristic Analysis
Before designing, I conducted a heuristic analysis of the current website to identify usability issues. I focused on the main functionality, layout, UI components, and content that users interact with when searching for IV infusions. My analysis uncovered several potential usability challenges that users might encounter.
1.4 Competitive Analysis
A primary aspect of the competition's visual design that stood out to me was the cold feeling of a medical facility. The dry, sans-serif typefaces, blue color palettes, and lack of white space all contributed to this aesthetic. After analyzing some similar organizations, it was clear to me that my visual design choices for NFuze Wellness' updated website would play a big role in differentiating themselves from their competition in the eyes of their users.
2. Design
Using the insights I gathered from the Discovery phase, I began designing the updated website. I visualized the website structure through a sitemap, detailed various user flows, sketched potential layout solutions, built low-fidelity wireframes, established a comprehensive design system, and developed interactive prototypes on mobile and desktop for usability testing.
2.1 Sitemap
I created a sitemap to help visualize the website's high-level structure. Priority was given to presenting NFuze Wellness' services, appointment scheduling, and informative content in a user-friendly manner.
2.2 User Flows
I mapped out user flows to visualize the various paths users might take to book an appointment or contact NFuze Wellness while exploring the company's IV hydration and medical weight loss services. I put a strong emphasis on creating streamlined journeys for appointment scheduling and service information.
2.3 Sketch
With the sitemap and user flows mapped out, I began exploring potential layout solutions which would balance NFuze Wellness' professionalism and user-friendly design. My focus was to create an aesthetically pleasing visual experience while maintaining a clear hierarchy of information.
2.4 Wireframe
Using my sketches as a reference, I built low-fidelity wireframes for each page to define the website's structure and ensure a cohesive and intuitive user experience site-wide. Crafting a seamless navigational flow and displaying clear sections for services, appointments, and information were top of mind when building these wireframes.
2.5 Design System
The next major step was to develop a design system to establish a cohesive and visually compelling online presence for NFuze Wellness. This comprehensive system addresses various elements, including versatile text forms, intuitive dropdown menus, engaging buttons across various states of interaction, visually appealing product cards, and a rich set of functional and decorative icons. I chose a typographic pairing that prioritizes legibility and hierarchy, while presenting a luxurious, yet friendly feeling.

This design system serves as the cornerstone for maintaining visual consistency, professionalism, and a positive user experience across all aspects of NFuze Wellness's online presence.
2.6 Image Selection
On the old website, many of the product images were too ambiguous, or even misleading to their users. This was a clear usability issue, so I meticulously hand-picked and edited more than 30 images that closely represent each service to help users gain a quick understanding of the product they're looking at.
2.7a Mobile Prototype
2.7b Desktop Prototype
Using the wireframes as a guide and the design system as my building blocks, I created high-fidelity interactive prototypes which allowed stakeholders to experience the redesigned website in its entirety on both mobile and desktop devices. The prototypes showcased the user interface and interactions, ensuring a seamless alignment with the project goals.

Important note: The booking process itself was handled by a third-party service, so as far as NFuze Wellness was concerned, the flow ends when the user clicks "Book Now".
2.8 Usability Testing
Usability testing played a pivotal role in refining the NFuze Wellness website, ensuring it met the needs of their users. Through a combination of moderated usability sessions and analysis of user feedback, I uncovered some key findings which helped guide adjustments for enhanced usability.

A big problem I found involved the process of booking certain services. Users expressed frustration with the existing system, where they were required to fill out and submit various eligibility forms through a third-party application, then book a call with a consultant, which greatly disrupted the user flow.

Through collaboration with the client, we crafted a solution that directly addressed this obstacle. We developed a simple interactive quiz which would allow users to provide the necessary information and automatically inform them of their eligibility without taking them out of the experience. This intuitive process not only streamlines the verification process but also enhances user engagement, effectively transforming a major usability issue into a seamless user journey.
3. Delivery
The delivery phase marked a crucial juncture in the project where meticulous planning and effective communication played a pivotal role in translating my initial design concepts into a functional, user-centered digital platform that would unify the needs of NFuze Wellness and their customers.
3.1 Collaborate with Development Team
My collaboration with the development team ensured a smooth transition from design to development. Close communication facilitated the implementation of the user-centered redesign, with a focus on maintaining design integrity.​​​​​​​ Here is a quick breakdown of how I ensured a seamless delivery:

1. I compiled and organized all design assets, including the design system and high-fidelity prototypes (both mobile and desktop versions) into a comprehensive package. This provided a clear and accessible resource for the development team, enabling them to grasp the project scope efficiently and build the website according to the approved specifications.

2. I established open communication channels with the development team, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to shared insights and problem-solving. By being readily available to address queries and provide clarifications, I facilitated a smooth workflow and minimized potential roadblocks.

By adopting a proactive and supportive approach during the delivery phase, I contributed to the project's overall efficiency and effectiveness. My focus on providing the development team with the necessary resources and guidance laid the groundwork for the successful realization of NFuze Wellness' website redesign, which demonstrated my commitment to collaboration in project execution.
NFuze Wellness now presents a luxurious, yet friendly website that effectively communicates its diverse range of services and positions them as the premier destination for IV hydration in an increasingly competitive market. This user-centered redesign successfully addresses the website's previous usability issues, the company's challenge of new competition, and offers a professional image while ensuring a positive user experience.

If you'd like to view the website yourself, you can visit NFuze Wellness here.

All visual assets displayed in this project are the property NFuze Wellness and their usage is subject to the company's ownership and copyright.
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